noun physical_spatial_place


Proto-Siouan *wíte

Pre-Mandan *wí•t-

Mandan wí•ktat ‘island’ RTC , wítka H:293

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *wíte

Proto-Dakota *wíta

Lakota witá ‘island’ RTC , wíta EB:590a

Dakota wíta ‘island’ SRR:579a


Chiwere ǰélomįǰe [ǰe lake] GM

Hoocąk wíič ‘island’ KM:3645 , wiic

General comment

The Chiwere form is presently unanalysable but certainly resembles the Hoocąk form plus nasalization. The Mandan form observed by Carter appears to be a recent metathesis, with the -talocative (6)’ suffix. Proto-Siouan vowel length may be justified.

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