vermin (1)



Proto-Siouan *-puS-

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *wa•púS-

Crow baapúxta ‘insect’ GG:21, RGG:1 , baapuxčikiipi ‘ant’ GG:21, RGG:1

Hidatsa wa•púkša ‘insect, snake’ J , ma•púkša ‘ant’ , wa•púckakari•ti , ma•púckakari•ti



Osage zhábiuçka , †žápüska ‘ant’ LF:222a

General comment

The first syllable in Osage may be related to žą ‘wood’; Gilmore (1919) lists a number of DH terms in which žą has apparently denasalized, although RR has not personally encountered them. The various Indo-European terms for ‘ant’ are complex and messy also. As the largest ants of the Osage region are carpenter ants, genus Camponotus, a compound “wood-bug” makes good sense. The first syllable of Proto-Crow-Hidatsa is the absolutive.

Different root extensions appear.

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