find by seeking

verb physical_action


Proto-Siouan *ire

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *kí•re

Crow číili ‘look for’ RG

Hidatsa kí•re ‘look for, search, hunt’ J , kí•ri


Mandan kixkaráʔroʔš ‘he looks for it’ RTC

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *íre

Proto-Dakota *iyé-

Lakota iyé_ya ‘find’ RTC

Stoney ye_ya PAS


Chiwere iró•gre ‘find’ RR , uglé GM

Proto-Dhegiha *íre

Omaha-Ponca íðe RR

Kanza/Kaw íye ‘see, discover’ RR

Osage íthe , †íðe ‘see, find, discover’ LF:79a

Quapaw íde ‘see, find’ JOD



Biloxi iⁿdáhi , †įdáhi ‘hunt, seek’ D&S:201b , da, dadi , †įdáhi ‘gather, collect, pick up’ D&S:180a

Ofo ā´kde , †á•kde ‘find’ D&S:319b, JSS


Tutelo inēwa , †iné•wa ‘see, find’ H


Catawba na•ni ‘see, find’ KS , ka•niʔ FS

General comment

The Ofo and Chiwere forms may belong to ‘hunt, seek’, q.v., rather than this, since the *r/*R distinction is neutralized after *k. The Chiwere form here may be a compound: *ire + okRe. MRS, Ofo, and Mandan show dative-reflexive prefixes. Tutelo n must be a reflex of an earlier cluster also.

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