Proto-Mississipi-Valley *psų́


Dakota psųpsų- ‘face down, bendable, rounded, teeth on edge’ SRR:426a

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *sų•

Chiwere ʔθą ‘curved, bent’ , akíru’than , †akíruʔθą ‘bend over to meet’ LWR , akhíluʔθą , †akíruʔθą GM

Hoocąk nąąsų́ ‘with legs outstretched ?’ , nąąsų

Proto-Dhegiha *są

Kanza/Kaw alį́ sąį́yaya ‘rocking chair’ RR , są́ya ‘fall’

Osage çoⁿthá ithatha , †sąðá ‘rock to and fro’ LF:32a

General comment

The DH and Chiwere vowel does not match perfectly with the expected ų, but there are numerous instances of ą/ų matches that are still poorly understood. Biloxi psuⁿti, psoⁿti ‘sharp pointed’ (DS-248b) fits phonologically and may be the proper Biloxi cognate. Cf. ‘shake > tremble’, ‘spill’.

This form is not found beyond MVS, but Proto-Mississipi-Valley *pC cluster would go back to Proto-Siouan *wVC, in this instance *wa-sų.

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