eagle (1)

noun animal_bird


Proto-Siouan *xurá•

Pre-Mandan *xura•re

Mandan hą́xurare ‘bat’ H:70

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *xurá

Proto-Dakota *xuyá

Lakota xuyá ‘eagle’ RTC

Dakota ḣuyá , †xuyá ‘eagle’ SRR:168b


Chiwere xra•gré•ye ‘golden eagle’ RR

Hoocąk xorapása ~ xorepása ‘bald eagle’ KM:3935 , xorapasa

Proto-Dhegiha *xürá

Omaha-Ponca xiðá ‘eagle’ RTC

Kanza/Kaw xüyá ‘eagle’ RR

Osage xithá , †xüðá ‘eagle, golden eagle’ LF:218b

Quapaw xidá ‘eagle’ RR

General comment

Hoocąk < ‘eagle’ + ‘head’ + ‘white (1)’ (sic for -są). The Mandan form appears to be an old compound of ‘night’ and xura•re ‘eagle’; both roots are preserved only in this compound.

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