verb physical_motion



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *krų́kE

Proto-Dakota *kiknų́ka

Lakota kignų́ka ‘dive’ EB:306a

Dakota kihnuka ‘dive’ WM:52a

Proto-Dhegiha *krą́ke

Omaha-Ponca gthóⁿge , †gðą́ge ‘dive’ MAS:61

Kanza/Kaw lą́ge ‘dive’ RR

Osage gthóⁿge , †lą́ke ‘dive’ LF:257a

General comment

Chiwere †gų́ge , gúngedive’ (JGT92:23); Hoocąk kųųwą́k ‘dive, duck under water’ (KM-1925), kuwųkdive’ (Marino-310) look superficially as though they should be related to this set, but they contain intractable sequences that, for the moment, remain unexplained. Also, with the exception of apparent borrowings w ṭ r in clusters of this kind.

Language Cognate Phonetic Siouan Meaning Comment Sources