corn > corn mush

noun plant




Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *waRúte

Chiwere wadúje ‘corn ears’ LWR:47

Hoocąk waruc , †watúc ‘corn’ HS, MS , wadútc , †watúc

Proto-Dhegiha *waRǘte

Omaha-Ponca wanį́de ‘mush’

Kanza/Kaw waǰǘǰe ‘mush’ RR

Osage wadsúdse , †wacǘce ‘gravy, corn gruel’ LF:187b

General comment

This root is also found with the meaning ‘ripe, cooked’, q.v., in several languages and is reconstructible under that meaning. Modern Hoocąk has collapsed ‘corn’ with reflexes of ‘eat’, v. Hoocąk warúc ‘eat, food, corn’ (KM-3443). ‘Corn’ has *R-, while ‘eat’ has *r- etymologically. Hoocąk preserves the difference only in the ethnobotanical notes of Huron Smith.

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