comb > ravel out

verb physical_contact_manipulation


Proto-Siouan *swé (?)


Proto-Dakota *-swa (?)

Lakota -swá, ka- ‘make lint; to curry’ EB:290a , -swá, na- ‘the word is used to denote what is done when one steps e.g . on a silk dress and it stretches partly, i.e. the thread tears one way’ EB:358a , -swá, na- ‘rip, tear into fringe, to fray’ EB:816b , -swá, ya- ‘pick in pieces with the teeth’ EB:627b , -swá, ya- ; yaswáka ‘pick in pieces with the teeth’ EJ , -swá, yu- ‘ravel out e.g. a stocking, to pick to pieces e.g. wool’ EB:650b

Dakota yusbá ‘ravel out; to pick to pieces, as wool’ SRR:638a



Biloxi psûdahí , †psudahí or: †psədahí ‘a comb’ D&S:248a

General comment

For these forms to be cognate, we must assume a metathesis in Biloxi.

Cf. ‘comb

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