Words in Kanza/Kaw for lemma squeeze (6)

škíge, bü-

Meaning rub clothes on a washboard, bear down on
Original entry škíge, bü- ‘rub clothes on a washboard, bear down on’ RR
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škíge, yü-

Meaning wring out
Original entry škíge, yü- ‘wring out’ RR
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škíge, ya-

Meaning chew something
Original entry škíge, ya- ‘chew something’ RR
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škige, bó-

Meaning shoot and nearly penetrate
Original entry škige, bó- ‘shoot and nearly penetrate’ RR
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škíge, ga-

Meaning dent a surface, beat laundry
Original entry škíge, ga- ‘dent a surface, beat laundry’ RR
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