Words in Kanza/Kaw for lemma so, thus

-go {in} égo

Meaning like, as, so
Comment hagó, hágo
Original entry -go {in} égo ‘like, as, so’ RR
Sources RR

-gó {in} hagó

Meaning why
Original entry -gó {in} hagó (MR), hágo (JOD) ‘why’ RR
Sources MR; JOD; RR

-gó {in} gagó

Meaning enough
Original entry -gó {in} gagó ‘enough’ RR
Sources RR

-go- {in} šégoną, šégonǫha

Meaning enough, just that number
Original entry -go- {in} šégoną, šégonǫha (MR) ‘enough, just that number’ RR
Sources MR; RR