Words in Mandan for lemma wipe > rub, sweep

-kíšoʔš, pa-

Meaning he wiped it off
Original entry -kíšoʔš, pa- ‘he wiped it off’ C
Sources RTC

-kíšoʔš, ka-

Meaning she swept it
Original entry -kíšoʔš, ka- ‘she swept it’ C
Sources RTC

-kíšoʔš, ra-

Meaning he brushes it with foot
Original entry -kíšoʔš, ra- ‘he brushes it with foot’ H-112
Sources H: 112

-kíšoʔš, ru-

Meaning he rubs it
Original entry -kíšoʔš, ru- ‘he rubs it’ H-112
Sources H: 112


Meaning broom
Original entry íkakiška ‘broom’ H-112
Sources H: 112