Words in Hoocąk for lemma this, here, now (2)

te- {in} te’e, tée

Meaning this
Comment Compare |re| ‘this, here, now’ and |te| ‘this, here, now
Original entry te- {in} te’e, tée ‘this’ KM-3107
Sources KM: 3107

te- {in} te’e, tee

Meaning over this way
Original entry -te- in cootégi ‘over this way’ KM-269
Sources KM: 269

-te- {in} cootégi

Meaning but
Original entry tée- {in} téeži ‘but’ KM-3119 J: (12-19-92) Compare †re ‘this, here, now’ and †te ‘this, here, now’
Sources KM: 3119

-te- {in} cootegi

Meaning [this, here, now (2)]

tée- {in} téeži

Meaning [this, here, now (2)]

tee- {in} teeži

Meaning [this, here, now (2)]