bend (2)

verb physical_contact_manipulation



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *hkó•, *hkó•ža ~ *hkó•ɣa


Lakota yaáṗako , †-kho, yaápa- ‘bend or twist with the mouth’ EB:617b, VC


Hoocąk kooɣáɣa ‘be veil-like, like curtain material’ JWE:65 , kooǧaǧa

Proto-Dhegiha *-hkóša

Kanza/Kaw bakkóša ‘bend by pushing something’ RR , ppákkoša ‘crescent-shaped like a gourd’ RR

Osage a´thiḳusha , †áðihkoša ‘a tine in an elk’s horn; brow antlers’ LF:15b

Quapaw -kkó, ba- ‘bent’ RR

General comment

The Hoocąk form has been influenced by ‘hang down (2)’, q.v. Cf. ‘bend (2)’ Mutual influence of aspirated and unaspirated roots and of ‘bent/hanging’ roots seems to derive from Proto-Mississipi-Valley times. Quapaw kko shows the unextended root.

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