smooth (2)

verb perceptual_tactile


Proto-Siouan *xó•he

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *xohxE (?)

Crow daxxóxxi ‘peel, rasp’ GG:43

Hidatsa araxo•xE ‘erase with foot, wipe off with foot’ J , páxo•xE ‘smooth a hide after tanning’ J



Biloxi dŭkxohí, tûkxohí , †-xohí ‘make smooth with a knife, to scrape’ D&S:222a , kĭtû´kxohí , †-xohí ‘scrape for another’ D&S:222a , paxoxí , †-xohí ‘scrape an object by pushing’ D&S:222a

General comment

The Biloxi form with x may be a transcriptional variant of h. Cf. ‘skinny, thin’ for another form in which Biloxi -h matches Crow xx when Crow and Hidatsa show a possible *-he suffix or extension. Cf. ‘scrape clean > scrape up, scrape off, clear off’ for other Crow and Hidatsa forms.

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