rock (4), pebble

noun physical_spatial_mountaneous


Proto-Siouan *į́-xʔe

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *į́xʔe

Proto-Dakota *ixʔé

Lakota ixʔé ‘pebble, small rock’ RTC

Dakota iḣ’é , †ixʔé ‘gravel, a stony place’ SRR:191b

Proto-Dhegiha *į́xʔe

Omaha-Ponca į́ʔe ‘rock’ RR, RTC

Osage íⁿxe shtoⁿga , †į́xe ‘soft stone’ LF:78a



Biloxi áⁿxu, aⁿxudí , †ą́xu ‘stone’ D&S:178a

General comment

In order to be properly cognate Osage should have *įkʔe, Lakota should have nasalization and Biloxi should have different vowels throughout. This, in other words, is a very tentative set. Nevertheless, it appears, at least superficially, that this may be another derived term < *ʔį́• + *xʔe ? based on ‘rock (1)’, q.v.

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