what size

particle physical_spatial


Proto-Siouan *(r)ą


Proto-Dhegiha *-(r)ą-

Kanza/Kaw -yą- in: yéyąska ‘size, this size, this large’ RR , -yą- in: gašéyąska ‘of a certain size, it’s that big’ RR , -yǫ- in: háyǫska ‘how big, what size?’ RR , -yǫ- in: góze éyǫska ‘equal in size, as large as, same size’ JOD, RR , -yǫ- in: šéyǫska ‘that size; it was that big’ RR

Osage -ðą- in: á-thoⁿ-çka a (?) , †-ðą- ‘of what size is it? how large?’ LF:16b , -ðą- in: thé-thoⁿ-çka , †-ðą- ‘this size’ LF:144a



Biloxi -ną- in: ténaska , †-ną- ‘this large’ D&S:273a

General comment

Cf. ‘quantifier (1)’. Resonant behavior in Kanza/Kaw and Osage is different from that reflected in ‘quantifier (1)’, suggesting that the resonant is/was an intrusive glide. If organic, the resonant should be n.

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