lip (upper), snout

noun physical_somatic_body_part


Proto-Siouan *ahpú•ti

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *apú•ti

Crow apú•ši ‘nostril, area between nose and upper lip’ GG:12, RGG:68 , apúushi

Hidatsa apú•ti ‘upper lip’ J

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *hpúte

Proto-Dakota *phuté

Lakota phuté ‘upper lip, beak of mosquito’ RTC

Dakota puté ‘upper lip, snout’ SRR:429a


Hoocąk pų́ųč ‘depressed area between upper lip and nose just under nose; snout (of animal, or in jest, of person); area of upper and lower jaw, from under nose down to chin’ KM:2514 , pųųc

General comment

Cf. ‘nose (3), nostril’. The meanings of the Crow form suggest that *apú•ti ‘upper lip’ and **apú•Si ‘nostril’ may have become homophonous through regular merger of t and š before i. It is possible that this form consists of Proto-Siouan *ahpáhead, nose (1), front end’ plus Proto-Siouan *hú•tebase, root, stump’.

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