handle, stem

noun physical_artefact_part


Proto-Siouan *(i-)hú•pa

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *hú•pa

Crow hú•pa ‘handle’ RG, GG:49

Hidatsa hú•pa ‘handle’ J

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *ihúpa

Proto-Dakota *ihúpa

Lakota ihúpa ‘handle, stem, shaft’ EB:217a

Dakota ihúpa ‘bail, handle, stem, shaft’ SRR:190b


Hoocąk húuną ‘handle’ KM:1606 , huuną

Proto-Dhegiha *ípa < **ihúpa (?)

Omaha-Ponca íba thą

Kanza/Kaw íba ‘handle’ RR

Osage íba , †ípa ‘haft, handle, pipestem’ LF:68a

Quapaw íba JOD



Ofo úli ‘handle’ D&S:331b

General comment

Cf. ‘corn ear’. It is possible that there was a DH shift of *i-hǘ > í. This would account for the otherwise aberrant vowel in DH. MVS accent suggests a missing initial syllabic. Cf. *hu-tree, bone, leg, stalk, stem, trunk’. Potentially, this term seems to contain up to three common parts, *i- ‘its, possessive’ or ‘instrumental’, *hu• ‘stem, trunk, etc.’, -pa meaning unknown. Ofo -li is unidentified; Hoocąk -ną may be ‘wood’.

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