paw the earth

verb physical_contact_manipulation



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *mąną́ɣe ~ *mą inąɣe

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *tha mą́įnąɣe

Chiwere tamínaxemodha , †thamį́nąxemąða ‘September’ WW

Hoocąk čaa-mą́įnąɣowirá ‘October’ KM:128 , caa mąą hinąǧo-wii=ra

Proto-Dhegiha *mąną́ɣe

Omaha-Ponca maⁿnoⁿxa ike , †mąnǫɣai khe F&LF:111

Kanza/Kaw mąną́ɣabe ‘(when the deer) are in rut’ RR

Osage moⁿnoⁿxa-bi , †mąnąɣapi ‘June’

General comment

Cf. ‘earth, ground, land’, ‘foot, instrumental’, ‘bury’. These examples are mostly taken from the names of months when the deer, buffalo, etc. are in rut, so most forms are 3rd singular verbs. In Chiwere, Omaha-Ponca and Osage x is most likely really ɣ, as most workers have missed this distinction. A pseudo-Proto-Siouan form could be reconstructed, since the constituent morphemes of this compound are individually reconstructible, but the lexeme appears for the moment to be restricted to MVS. In this compound: *wąearth, ground, land*rąfoot, instrumental’, *xebury’.

Cf. ‘chase’.

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