old, mysterious(?)



Proto-Siouan *xʔihe


Hidatsa xiʔé• ‘old’ AWJ


Mandan xihóʔš ‘he’s old’ RTC


Proto-Biloxi-Ofo *xi < *xih

Biloxi xi, xidí , †xidi ‘chief’ D&S:221a

Ofo shíhuⁿ , †šíhų ‘holy (?)’ [cf. nóⁿpi shíhuⁿ ‘Sunday’] D&S:329a

General comment

Cf. ‘old*xʔo, also ‘wrinkle (1), ruffle’, ‘wrinkle (2)’. The Ofo may be a compound of ših < *xih and *ʔųdo, make’; h in this instance, then, could be interpreted as either the Ofo reflex of (as it is in Biloxi) or of the h that appears in Mandan. This is a questionable set at best because of its lack of semantic cohesion and because of lack of proper matches among the post vocalic laryngeals.

Unfortunately, this latter problem is not uncommon in this lexicon.

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