neck (1), nape

noun physical_somatic_body_part


Proto-Siouan *i-htá•-hu


Crow išúu ‘back of neck’ RG


Mandan į́•tahįrų ‘neck’ RTC

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *htá•hu

Proto-Dakota *thahú

Lakota thahú ‘back of neck’ RTC

Dakota tahú ‘back of the neck’ SRR:453a

Proto-Dhegiha *htáhü

Omaha-Ponca tai , †ttai ‘nape’ MJS:125

Kanza/Kaw ttáhü ‘neck’ RR

Osage htáhü ‘nape’ RR

Quapaw ttáittá ‘neck’ JOD, RR

General comment

Cf. ‘neck (2), side of neck (?)’, which shares *hta• and justifies reconstructing length. Cf. ‘mouse’, thunder, in which *tahu > šuu in Crow.

If indeed ‘neck (2), side of neck (?)’ shares this root, then the *-hu is segmentable, with the possible meaning of ‘bone’, q.v.

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