copulate (2)

verb physical_contact



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *rhú

Proto-Dakota *hú

Lakota RTC

Sioux Valley PAS

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *tú

Chiwere watúhta , †wadúhta GM

Hoocąk juu , †ǰú• MM:217 , dju , †ǰú•

Proto-Dhegiha *thǘ

Omaha-Ponca čhi ‘copulate’ JEK

Kanza/Kaw čhü ‘copulate’ RR

General comment

Marsh always writes aspiration in Chiwere. Here he writes only “t”, presumably an allophone of d. At an earlier stage the vast majority and probably all of the Proto-Mississipi-Valley *rh clusters go back to a disyllable, v. ‘arrive here’ and other examples. The earlier shape of this root is not easily recovered in this instance. Cf. also ‘copulate (3)’, ‘chase’.

Other languages

  • JEK: Proto UA *to ‘copulate’, Miller PUA#100.
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