noun animal_bird


Proto-Siouan *wį́•-

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *wí•ra

Crow bíilaa ‘goose’ GG:29, RGG:2

Hidatsa wí•ra ‘goose’ J , mí•ra


Mandan wį́hą, wį́h ‘goose’ RTC

General comment

Cf. Hidatsa apáariʔporcupineCrow apáiri(a)porcupineMandan páhįporcupineDakota pahiŋporcupineOsage p̣á-hiⁿporcupine’ for another instance of MRS r corresponding to h elsewhere. Since ‘goose’ is attested in only two subgroups and they differ on the status of what appears to be a root extension the second syllable is not reconstructible with certainty. Cf. ‘duck, waterfowl’.

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